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Thank you for your interest in Prizm Foundation, a New Mexico Non-Profit Corporation, recognized IRC Section 501c3.  

What We Do
Job and Vocational Training in Many Disciplines
State of New Mexico Work Force Investment Act Training Provider
Provide in class training & over 5000 online classes for youth & adults

National and International Disaster Relief, Preparedness, Mitigation, Recovery Programs
Shelter and Housing, Loss Prevention Workshops

Prizm Foundation provides consulting services, assistance and collaborative partnerships to municipalities, community organizations businesses and families to address poverty, disaster relief, preparedness and community development.

Convergence - The property or manner of approaching a limit, such as a point, line, or value.
We are almost there in a convergence of inevitable crisis, tipping points, Environmental, Social, Climatic, Economic, Nuclear, Energy
, Food, Water,  GMO.

New Focus - Proactive Disaster Prevention

New Mexico Solar Energy Sovereignty Project

It's important, not only to respond to disasters, but to mitigate and prevent. For sustainability, we must embrace de-centralization of our energy distribution.

Identified Hazards Programs

Nuclear Disaster Prevention Advocacy
Food Security - GMO and Pesticide Proliferation-Crisis Prevention
Climate Change and Related Hazards
New Madrid Fault / Nuclear Hazards
Oil Gas and Coal Industry Hazards
Toxic Transport Hazmat Disaster Hazards
Peace Advocacy as a means to Prevent Disasters
Environmental Justice Advocacy
Poverty Mitigation
Proactive Disaster Preparedness
Alternative Energy Independence Advocacy


We facilitate grassroots cooperation between individuals, businesses and agencies in disaster areas in order to accelerate recovery with innovative building/energy solutions, recovery consulting, advocacy and design assistance.

Fast hurricane, earthquake, fire, flood resistant, code compliant buildings systems.

Elevated Bloxtm
Composite Design McCune/Prizm 2008 All Rights Reserved

Blox TM and VertexTM Replacement/Recovery Buildings - Erected in as little as 5 Hours
Submersible and Elevated Designs

Copyright McCune/Prizm, All Rights Reserved under Patent Trademark and Copyright Law
To use our designs through administration fee is very inexpensive. To steal them for commercial or any other purpose is not. Purpose of Administration fee is Quality Control, Code and Design Compliance and Safety.
Notice: We make our work available to parties by agreement and licensing. We invite Non-Profits, Architects, Engineers, Developers, Contractors, Real Estate Professionals, Landowners et al to share by agreement. We assist disaster areas and do not make our work available for large nonprofit disaster profiteering. We do however invite collaborations.
Just sayin'

The Idea:
To provide the technological solutions necessary to resist the forces and effects of disasters and unexpected events, organize the large scale volume purchase of components and materials for those affected people and businesses, hiring the local population, (including those who lost homes) in the rebuilding, to address the needs of the communities and to recover in such a way that future events are mitigated. Anyone interested in becoming a member of our Building/Materials buying Coop can register through the subscription newsletter link below (bottom of page). On the subscription form there is a checkbox to indicate your interest. There is no obligation, when enough people register for it we will formalize the program and provide details for potential members. What will it do? Think Food Coop type of effort for construction and building material discounts and bulk buying for members.

We never publish images of human suffering/disaster survivors for fundraising purposes.
We do NOT use telemarketers or any professional fundraisers.
We do NOT conduct phone call solicitation.
We are all volunteer organization. No Officer or any Director is compensated.
We don't retain any funds, 100% of all donations are applied to programs and direct costs.
We don't send aid into any disaster area without a trusted referral or direct relationship.

A message from the Exec. Director, Prizm Foundation

How would your family or company manage in the aftermath of a disaster or unexpected event? What planning should you put in place to insure an effective response and recovery? Do you have multiple off site backup data locations, alternatives to lost communications, logistical planning for shelter in-place or mass evacuation? How would you locate key people or family without existing communications available to you? Where would you go in the case of evacuation? What do you need to survive sheltering in place or relocation, for short or long term? What if medical resources are not available or overwhelmed? Do you understand the concept of defensible survival?

You, your business and your family can be more prepared, prevent loss, mitigate damage and provide for recovery. It requires a plan, we cannot depend on outside help, we must take individual responsibility. The experts at Prizm can assist you. Sign up for our FREE Monthly Preparedness Newsletter, What If? for tips and links to resources for your preparedness and future loss prevention. We do not share your contact information with anyone.

 Ways to Give or Dedicate to a Project
Our core programs of Job Training and Disaster Preparedness / Mitigation, Haiti, Congo, Any particular disaster by Name, or Honor Someone

Message or Dedication
Designate your subscription donation with your message.

Designate to the General Fund
When using this button, you will support our general efforts in job training and ongoing disaster consulting anywhere in the world where a disaster or assistance is needed.

Please use the form link below to be included in the Alerts, Participate in our Initiatives, Get Informed with our occasional News Letter, What If? Required fields are for Copyright protection. Your information will be kept completely confidential.
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